Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can be an overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t have to be.  We spend hours planning vacations, holidays, and thousands of other activities, but how much time do we spend planning for retirement?

Kraematon can offer guidance on:

  • Determining what a “meaningful contribution” is to maximize retirement savings based on clients goals, age, employer contributions, Social Security, and other relevant factors
  • Tax leveraging strategies to compare the value of pre-tax vs. post-tax contributions
  • Determining if investments are appropriately diversified according to age and risk tolerance
  • How to structure a withdrawal plan in retirement, taking into consideration mandatory and discretionary expenses, and alternative income sources such as: Social Security, pensions, and other assets
  • How to utilize an IRA Rollover consisting of diversified investments and/or an annuity program to maximize payment streams, maintain flexibility and protect assets